Railway MOD

Railway MOD is an advanced & multifunctional infotainment solution that is designed and sponsored by FUNTORO. Railway MOD provides passengers worldwide unmatched traveling experience by creating an highly-integrated platform that combines entertainment, real-time information, value-added services, advertising system, attractions guidance, shopping & ordering service, network connectivity and Cloud management. Currently Railway MOD Solution is widely implemented in Governmental & Private Railway in EU and Asia Pacific.

Core Values:

We are endeavouring to redefine railway industry by providing ultimate in-train infotainment, which benifits passengers, railway authorities and third parties who trusts the capability of our innovative solution.

Throght Railway MOD, railway authorities can significantly improve customer satisfaction, brand image and operation revenue with the help of new business models including on-board ordering system, advertising platform and e-shopping system.

Quality Commitment

Superior quality and customer satisfaction have always been our priority. In compliance with TS16949,ISO9001,EN-50155, Railway MOD has earned worldwide recognition in transportation industry.